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Perfect Black Dinner Date Escort in Los Angeles, CA

Updated: Feb 4

If you’re looking for where to find an exceptional ebony GFE escort in LA, look no further. I am an independent companion (never been a fan of escort agencies in LA or elsewhere) because I’m equal parts private and greedy. I want my lovers only for myself (and perhaps the occasional friend).

Although I love being a San Francisco escort, SoCal is where my heart feels most at peace. I fell in love with Los Angeles, California from the first time I saw the city lights shimmering below the wing of my flight. I know LAX can be a nightmare but it’s one of my favourite airports in the world.

I adore LA for the sheer audacity of its size. It dares to be big and inconvenient. Like many people, I prefer being in Central LA. You can just get to everything easier when you’re in the middle of the city. Want to shop on the Sunset Strip inWest Hollywood? Dine on a rooftop or patio in Beverly Hills? Escape to the Santa Monica Pier? Los Angeles has everything you need for a steamy, lustful affair. So what’s missing from that equation? A discreet, high end escort companion and partner in crime (i.e. me!)

A stroll along the beach while holding hands with a lover, a visit to the LACMA or Walt Disney Concert Hall for a dose of culture, kisses on the sidewalk after dining in downtown LA, lascivious nights in a suite at the Chateau Marmont… these are the kind of memories I crave to make with you.


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