Where Are You From?

A faraway land where palm-lined beaches kiss crystal clear waters (gorgeous accent included).

Why This?

For freedom, adventure, lust, intimacy. I'm not satisfied by the ordinary.

How Do You Like to Spend Your Time?

In ecstasy and bliss, doing things that feel good. Secretly plotting world domination.

What Pleases You?

Generosity | undivided attention | good food, better company | a firm grip on my ass | sun-soaked sheets | strip clubs, thick stacks of dollar bills | side-splitting laughter | gestures, grand and small | hijinks, shenanigans, tomfoolery | sky-high stilettos | my reflection in any surface | touching, being touched | curious men | arrogant women | the promise of a grand ol' time.

Ideal Date?

My most satisfying relationships are with those who crave a real connection and want something—someone—more. Bonus points if you're partial to a good joint!

Sometimes, our adventure means throwing axes, orchestrating an orgy, live concerts. Other times it's a cozy dinner for two, fresh cotton sheets, a morning hike, too much room service.  My ideal date is a good time.


How Do I Hold Your Attention?

I'm a sucker for kindness, curiosity, and a healthy dose of silliness. My favourite introductions read like a letter from an old friend; warm, familiar, intentional. I love emails that make me think, "Now this sounds like someone who will treat me well!" Bonus points if you send a book from my wantlist.