Call Me VV

A Woman Worth Savouring

The rumours are true: if you're looking to make bad decisions with good company then you've come to the right place. Hi, I'm VV.

I’m from a far-flung country known for sandy shores and stunning women. I left to collect hearts, languages, and degrees from fancy schools across the globe. When I’m not plotting world domination in my secret lair, you'll find me lost in a novel or growing my (very cool) art collection. Put simply, I’m a beautiful thing that loves beautiful things. 

IMG_5744 2.jpg

Depending on whom you ask, I'm an eager accomplice or a shameless enabler. Both are correct. After all, every adventure begins with a yes!

I love living in the details: that first moment we lock eyes, wild laughter over cocktails, a calloused palm gripping my thigh, stolen elevator kisses, electric anticipation...


I'm a sucker for curiosity, empathy, and a healthy dose of silliness. My favourite lovers are smart, thoughtful, and unrepentantly indulgent. I seek those who value authenticity and enjoy being savoured, thoroughly and often.


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VV's Wishing Well

I prioritise quality and prefer presents that support my passions or add whimsical style to my life. I'm inspired by books, artwork, gadgets, and other clever items.

I'd love gift cards from: Blick, DeltaEtsyNeiman MarcusStockpile or Whole Foods. Please consider donating to St. James Infirmary or funding a low-income entrepreneur for as little as $25 on Kiva.

My curated wishlist is below.